Andy’s design proficiency is wide and diverse. His toolset includes digital and paper based concept visualisation, 3d modelling, detailed structural drafting, and presentational plan sets combined with hands on fabrication across a full spectrum of materials and machinery.

He began working in theatre and film in 1999, gathering broad experiences in props model making, set building, sculpting and special effects.

In 2005 he began the Bachelor of Theatre Design at NIDA, graduating with the William Fletcher Trust Grant in 2007. His passion for whole system ecological design was consolidated with training in both Urban and International Development Permaculture Design Certificate's in whole system ecological design. He is currently undertaking a Masters of Architecture with the University of Melbourne.

Andy is driven towards new challenges and while retaining a love for the moment developed in temporary and semi permanent design, continues to extend his practice designing structures that will be part of their inhabitants evolving stories on a trans generational timescale...

Curriculum Vitae

Education   Design Fundamentals TAFE 1999, Bachelor of Theatre Design NIDA UNSW  2007, Urban Permaculture Design Certificate Milkwood Permaculture  2012, Permaculture in Precarious Places Blue Mountains Permaculture with Rosemary Morrow 2017.

Building Design and Construct  Dhanmale Lower Secondary School Nepal for ROKPA International 2016 and Laguna Earth House Wollombi NSW 2004.

NightClub Design and Fabrication  Good God Small Club Sydney City 2012

Restaurant Design and Fabrication Eat House Diner Redfern 2010 and The Old Growler Kings Cross 

Cafe Design  Orchard St Elixir Bar's 2014 Bondi and 2015 Paddington  

Mobile Food Trucks Design and Fabrication  The Veggie Patch Van 2012 and  Iggy's Bamboo Bakery (with Cave Urban) 2011

Flat Pack Radio Booth Design Red Bull Weekender 2017

Retail Store Design  Native Drops - Artisan Cellar Bondi Beach 2017,  Josh Goot - Fashion Boutique Paddington 2012 and Armadale 2013, Orchard St Dispensary Bronte 2013

Fashion Showcase Design  Josh Goot Australian Fashion Week 2013

Office and Creative Studio Design   Josh Goot Redfern 2013

Structural Design for Fine Artists  The Real Thing 2010 and  Close Encounters 2011 for Jordana Maisie, Tetrahedron for Pia Van Helder, The Lumniphonic Creature Choir for Mark Bolotin.

Theatre Production Design  Carmen (Sydney Theatre) 2007, The Bee (Darlinghurst Theatre) 2008, You Cant Buy My Soul (State Theatre for Sydney Festival) 2009, My Name is Rachel Corrie (DownStairs Belvior) 2009, AltarBoyz (Sydney and Melbourne for Precedent Productions) 2010, Woman Before A Glass (Karnak) 2010, The Seagull (Sidetrack) 2010, As The World Tipped (Touring Festivals in Europe and Australia) 2011, Castor Et Pollux (PinchGut Opera) 2012,  Every Second (Darlinghurst Theatre) 2014

Feature Film Production Design   Mad Bastards (Sundance Selected) 2009

Set Building, Special Effects, Props and Model Making  Stealth 2004, The Matrix 2 & 3 2002-2003, StarWars - Episode III 2003, The Fountain 2002, Ned 2002, Farscape 2001-2002, Kangaroo Jack 2001, Sydney Olympics Opening and Closing Ceremonies 2000